Due to all the heavy rains our basement has flooded. I’m taking a break from orders as we work to restore the space. 



  • Why don’t you ship your 2D/3D art?
    • Since I use salvaged wood as my substrate, the wood is often irregularly shaped and heavy, causing the price of shipping to often cost more than I am selling the artwork for.
  • What if I would still like 2D/3D art shipped?
  • What is encaustic?
  • Where else can I find your work?
  • Why do you use live edge/salvaged wood?
    • Using wood that would otherwise be placed in a dumpster or burned is environmentally and budget friendly. I find that creating on live edge wood often inspires the art that I create on it.
  • Do you create commission art?
    • Yes! Contact me and we can discuss what might work for you
  • Why are your pieces on live edge one of a kind?
    • Since I often use salvaged wood, most of my art is one of a kind. I never know what wood I’ll salvage next!
  • Are your earrings nickel free and hypoallergenic?
    • Yes
  • What hardware do you suggest for hanging your pieces on the wall? Some of them are very heavy.
    • I use hardware like this.